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Hybrid Dentures

Hybrid dentures can use the remaining patient’s dentition which might be dilapidated with either the combination of precisionally made crowns to restore these teeth where the denture slides over and locks them into position thus giving them a minimal coverage to the patient’s palate. Also you can have these as combination dentures where you have fixed crowns and the denture locks around these crowns giving minimum coverage of the palate and gums. They are a very hygienic and very precision light weight design which can give the patients a new lease of life if they still have some of their remaining dentition remaining. In some cases we can utilise these with a combination of implants and natural dentition to give the patients their best treatment possible. Thus giving a beautiful smile.

"I can't believe it! I've had these dentures for a year with no soreness whatsoever. It's wonderful."

Mrs Williams from Waterlooville

"My gums are very flat but I can eat anything with these dentures that Lee has made me. I keep nagging my wife to get herself some from Lee. Still more pork crackling for me lol."

Mr Dawson from Fareham

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