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Complete Dentures

Complete understanding

The loss of all your all your natural teeth can have a drastic impact on your life, and Lee understands how this can affect every day activities such as eating, talking and even laughing, all of this can impact in reducing your self-esteem.
Lee can help by creating you complete dentures making you feel more confident, self-assured concerning your appearance and at the same time help to improve your overall quality of life.

Daily Activities

A complete dentures set supplied by Lee, enable you to enjoy life, as if you had your own natural teeth. Lee’s work will allow you to regain complete dentition, by replacing your all of your lost teeth and the adjacent tissues from both the upper and lower jaw. This will help you enjoy those every day activities that most people take for granted like enjoying the foods you love. The complete dentures Lee produces just for you will help to bring that smile back into your life.

Look and feel younger than before

It is more than just your complete dentures Lee cares about. He knows that the teeth are key to the support of your the areas around your mouth especially lips and cheeks. With Lee’s complete dentures your facial muscles will appear more taught and they will help to plump out sunken features. All of this goes to further to increasing your self esteem and helping bring the smile into your daily life.

Complete transformation

Lee ensures that he individually creates your dentures and positions them in a way that they sit naturally to the form, shape and size of your missing teeth, giving you that natural looking smile.

Bring photographs taken before your teeth were lost to Complimentary Consultation* and we can discuss how to make your denture teeth look completely natural.

"My gums are very flat but I can eat anything with these dentures that Lee has made me. I keep nagging my wife to get herself some from Lee. Still more pork crackling for me lol."

Mr Dawson from Fareham

"I have never been able to wear dentures until I came to see you and you made me a Swiss set. You have achieved a miracle."

Reverend Halahan

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