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Flexible Partial Dentures

Comfort comes first

Sometime partial dentures can become loose and have an uncomfortable fit, this can be emphasised whilst eating. With flexible partial dentures Lee can offer a more comfortable alternative, even when patients are unable to be fitted with plastic partial dentures.
Flexible partial dentures have the ability to adjust to give an all round fit that is more comfortable for you accommodating for irregularities in your mouth.

Fitted for you

Lee’s flexible partial dentures are designed to fit perfectly with more awkward parts of the mouth that conventional hard plastic bases are unable to. They can fit even the most awkward bite types
Individually working with your unique mouth shape, Lee can fit these stable and correctly fitted dentures just for you. Allowing flex along with your jaw in the pink portion of the denture making chewing more comfortable all round.

Natural looking

A fit to make you smile

With Lee’s flexible dentures, you can feel more secure and more comfortable. Because flexible dentures offer a closer fit, you won’t need to wear a denture adhesive. Your flexible dentures will feel more stable when you are eating, without the need for metal clasps.

"I can't believe it! I've had these dentures for a year with no soreness whatsoever. It's wonderful."

Mrs Williams from Waterlooville

"I have never been able to wear dentures until I came to see you and you made me a Swiss set. You have achieved a miracle."

Reverend Halahan

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