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In the Words of the Patients

Natural Looking Dentures specialises in providing Denture Services that offer an unparalleled level of personal care. below you can read testimonials from our happy customers:

Mike Bunday

"Dear Lee & Ed, Firstly thank you so very much for my new dentures which will completely transform my life goin forward. Having completely given up on dentist after many a bad experience it came to the point where I needed to find a solution as my teeth became loose and we're falling out, this coupled with being very very nervous led me on my search.I discovered Lee and his company on the Internet and thought their is the face of a man I can trust! Ask my wife I'm not right about much but this decision was probably the best and most spot on decision I have ever made.Firstly Lee is a gentleman and very caring person and secondly he is probably the best denture maker in Hampshire if not the country.His partner in crime Ed once again I found to be the best dentist I have ever received u treatment from and I have seen a few, Ed is a TOP MAN and wonderfully caring and competent Dentist. My absolute fear of Dentists has gone as I have fantastic new dentures and a winning smile the perfect Solution from a fantastic Team! Thanks a million to all the team especially Lee & Ed. "

Ove Jonassen

"I have now had my new set of dentures for just over a year, and have been very pleased with them, as I have no problems with them what so ever. They have always fitted very well and still do. I used to suffer a lot from mouth ulcers and sores, but with this set of dentures I have had no problems at all."

Kind regards.

Ove Jonassen

Ron B

Before the new dentures Transformed with new dentures from Direct Denture Care

"The top picture shows me with my old dentures (a full upper and lower set). I not only look gormless but the dentures actually twisted my face. I was a very unhappy man with my looks. Not the old age part. I was often told I looked miserable - again my dentures caused this effect.

On looking at old photos of myself and thinking in those days my smile was my greatest asset, I made the decision to get something done before it was too late. After seeing an advertisement in the local paper, I made an appointment to see Mr Lee Butler the Clinical Dental Technician at D.D.C. UK Ltd. in Winchester who agreed my dentures did not become me.

He then set about using one of my photos as a guide to my requirements.

Ron in 1956On receiving my new dentures I was very pleased. My wife and I at first thought my smile was wider than the new teeth. However after less than a week my face had adjusted itself to match my smile and get rid of that twist. I also noticed I was getting back happy eyes.

Another story that seems strange but very true. My youngest Grandson, aged 3, has always been very wary of me. If I asked for a kiss or cuddle he always shied away. Although it hurt me I had come to just accept it. The very first time I met him after getting my new dentures, he greeted me with open arms, a kiss and nattered away to me. I was much moved. Later his mother took him to her car to go. My grandson did not need to be asked or told to give me a goodbye kiss, he just made a bee-line for me with his lips perked to give me that much missed love.

I had no idea that the new dentures would have so much effect. This one thing made any cost I had paid worth every penny."

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