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Working with your Dentist or Dental Surgeon

If you would like to access Lee's services there are two different options. You can continue to work with your own dentist and ask them for a direct referral to Lee at one of his clinics.

Or, you can contact Lee directly and he will be able to arrange everything for you working with your Dentist. If you do not have a Dentist you can also refer yourself to Lee as a patient by filling out the Self Referral Form.

"My gums are very flat but I can eat anything with these dentures that Lee has made me. I keep nagging my wife to get herself some from Lee. Still more pork crackling for me lol."

Mr Dawson from Fareham

"I have never been able to wear dentures until I came to see you and you made me a Swiss set. You have achieved a miracle."

Reverend Halahan

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