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Denture Relines

The perfect fit

As time goes on your mouth and gums naturally change and as such your dentures may not fit as well as they used to. Lee can work with your existing dentures to adjust them to fit with teh unique changes within your mouth giving you a renewed fit and feel

Temporary/therapeutic relines

If you are awaiting a hard reline or new dentures it is often worth considering a temporary therapeutic denture reline. This will allow you gums time to heal before going for a more permanent solution.

Old and ill fitting dentures often need this sort of reline to elevate damage to gum which may have become sore or swollen and misshapen
These relines can be carried out in the clinic whilst you are there and as such does not leave you without your dentures.
Using a conditioning material allows any existing inflammation to subside

"Finally, I have new dentures that fit me like a glove. They are just so comfortable and eating has become a pleasure once more." 

Ms P from Dorset

"I am absolutely delighted with my new dentures. I can smile with complete confidence again... thanks to you."

Mrs A from Petersfield

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