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Denture Repairs

By a denture expert

Broken dentures should only ever be repaired by someone who is trained and fully qualified to do so. If your dentures are broken, we have the technology even to repair a broken metal denture or to give a more substantial strength to the plate by inserting a specially designed metal framework onto the denture or laser welding a Brocken metal plate while you wait. Lee as a qualified CDT can quickly repair your dentures and make them stronger than before.

As a complete denture repair service, we will:

Why dentures break

There are several reasons why dentures break. Over time, the size and form of your jawbone and gum tissues will change. Many dentures are unable to adjust to the changing conditions of your mouth, resulting in a poor fit. This is when dentures can tilt, wobble and create sore spots - it is also a key factor in causing your dentures to break.

Having your dentures checked regularly

Left unchecked, dentures that no longer fit you can cause serious harm to soft tissues in your mouth. They can also look less convincing, damaging your confidence and your self-esteem. With regular checks, we can ensure that as your needs change, your dentures are adapted to fit with the shape of your mouth and your appearance with denture relining.

New dentures?

Repairing a broken denture that keeps breaking can become expensive. It may also be damaging your mouth especially when the fracture is due to a bad fit. If your denture is five or more years old then perhaps you should consider replacement dentures and keep your old denture as a spare.

"I am absolutely delighted with my new dentures. I can smile with complete confidence again... thanks to you."

Mrs A from Petersfield

"I can't believe it! I've had these dentures for a year with no soreness whatsoever. It's wonderful."

Mrs Williams from Waterlooville

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