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Columbus Bridge: The Alternative to False Teeth

This treatment allows patients to have their teeth made in one day and fixed in by the aid of implants without the need of denture provision enabling a patient to have no dentures what so ever.

This revolutionary technique uses an integral precision cast bar which adds strength to the immediate bridge which acts as a paediatric splint. This gives more strength, less bulk over other competitive types of immediate placement implants treatments available.

We are proud to be able to provide this treatment to our patients, offering them an exclusive perspective and attaining their goals to allow them to have that stunning smile in just one day, without wearing dentures!

"Perfect. I've been a denture wearer for 20 years and these [new ones] are by far the best I've had."

Mr C from Guildford

"I am absolutely delighted with my new dentures. I can smile with complete confidence again... thanks to you."
Mrs A from Petersfield

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