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Immediate Dentures

A smile without delay

Why wait to have a new set of teeth when you have an unhealthily tooth removed? Why not let Lee fit you an immediate denture, avoiding the need to wait a month or longer. . Lee can alongside work with a dental colleague to fit an immediate denture, allowing you to walk away with your smile the same day.

Smiling the same day

Before your old teeth are removed, Lee can create an immediate complete or partial denture, which can be ready to be fitted on the same day as your dental treatment.
Working closely in conjunction with your dentist as the unhealthy teeth are removed Lee can be on ready with your immediate denture to be fitted at the same time

Time to heal

Obliviously as your mouth adjust to loss of teeth and your gums reshape, these immediate dentures may only be a temporary solution and Lee can, after about three months, look at a denture relining or in some cases new dentures. He will be happy to discuss the options with you before undertaking any procedures.

A confident smile

We have found that losing even a single tooth can be a harrowing personal experience. For many of our patients, living with one or several missing teeth has lowered their self-esteem.  Immediate dentures can allow you to feel yourself straightaway, enjoying a new confidence to make the most of every day with the people around you.

"The treatment was worth every penny... and I'm a Scot!."

Mrs McB from Portsmouth

"Finally, I have new dentures that fit me like a glove. They are just so comfortable and eating has become a pleasure once more." 

Ms P from Dorset

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