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Our Metal (light alloy) partial dentures:

Lighter, more durable dentures

An alternative to the common hard or flexible dental acrylic bases for partial dentures is a light alloy partial dentures which is a made up of a mix of acrylic and light alloy metal (i.e Chrome Cobalt or Titanium). The materials have all been tested to ensure they are biocompatible for their use in your body. Light alloy partial dentures have the benefit of being lighter and less bulky than the acrylic variety and with this more comfortable to wear.

Hygienic and kind to your mouth

With Lee’s light alloy partial dentures you gain less coverage of the tissue in your mouth which help with your oral sensitivity and taste, what more light alloy dentures are produced to be more hygienic that other types of partial dentures.
The Light alloy denture is retained and can be fitted with a visible or discreet clasp whichever you prefer; and working with your dentist this can even match your natural tooth colour

Made for your smile only

As with all of the dentures Lee produces, they are designed specifically for you and your needs. They will match the size,shape, and form of the teeth/tooth that have/has been lost and will bring back the appearance and function of your own teeth. Following the natural contours of your mouth your light alloy partial denture will give superior strength and a fit only achievable with these types of dentures

Your light alloy partial denture will:

"My gums are very flat but I can eat anything with these dentures that Lee has made me. I keep nagging my wife to get herself some from Lee. Still more pork crackling for me lol."

Mr Dawson from Fareham

"Finally, I have new dentures that fit me like a glove. They are just so comfortable and eating has become a pleasure once more." 

Ms P from Dorset

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