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Partial Dentures

Enjoy your natural looking smile.

Loosing just one tooth has an effect on your everyday life and Lee understands how it can alter your confidence and reduce your self-esteem.

Lee works with his patients to address their concerns over having dentures. He will create partial dentures that blend in with your own teeth, allowing you return to everyday activities such as eating, talking and laughing without the worries you had before.

Unique as you

All partial dentures produced by Lee are in carefully selected and finished specifically for you to give that perfect fit. Your new dentures have teeth positioned in the base by hand to ensure accurate alignment, whether the base is made from a plastic with gum colouring or a less bulky metal alloy base, giving you your own smile back.

Find out more about the different types of partial dentures Lee offers here:

Plastic Dentures
Flexible Dentures
Chrome Dentures

"Perfect. I've been a denture wearer for 20 years and these [new ones] are by far the best I've had."

Mr C from Guildford

"I am absolutely delighted with my new dentures. I can smile with complete confidence again... thanks to you."

Mrs A from Petersfield

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